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IGN: Rugzy
By Rugzy » about 1 year ago

1) No griefing other player’s belongings.

You are permitted to steal from enemies during wars.

Unclaimed towns/settlements are fair game.

Stealing from your own land and then leaving it is also not allowed.


2) No advertising servers and irrelevant links.

Do not talk about other servers or products. Self promotion in general.


3) No spamming, cheating and abusing bugs/glitches.

If you find an exploit, report it ASAP.

Prolonging a report when you've obviously already taken advantage of it is bannable.


4) Be respectful towards others.

No racism, bigotry, sexism, or repetitive slandering.

Treat others the way you expect to be treated.


5) Use of alt accounts to abuse votes, bots, and external programs are banned.

This includes the use of alternative accounts to abuse /vote to earn extra rewards per day.

Bots that grant you an advantage over other players unfairly are also not allowed.

Using clients to bypass the 30 minute timer.


6) No massive farms that will potentially lag the server. 

Having a large amount of anything that lowers TPS (Mobs, items, etc.)


7) Do not ask for staff positions on the server.

We will decide when to ask the playerbase for staff applications when necessary.


8) Use your common sense.

Please don’t be difficult.

Do not try to evade rules and find loopholes. On staff jurisdiction we can overrule.