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By R0MP » about 1 year ago

Giveaway by davidj123456

Hey everyone, so you may have seen that hologram outside of the spawn gates- but we are doing a rank giveaway with the help of @davidj123456's contribution to the server. For those that participate, you will have a chance at winning a premium Divine rank ($30 value).


Access to all perks from lower ranks (http://store.bucketry.net/)
Access to /kit horse
Access to /ext command
Access to /feed command
Access to /eglow (glowing effect)
Access to ALL chat tags (431 total)
Access to 4 private vaults (does not stack with ingame vaults)
x4 Mythical Crate Keys

How to enter

1) Get an emerald and rename it using the anvil in this picture with your in-game username (i.e. Rugzy)
2) Drop it in the hopper
3) Voila!
4) Your name will be randomly chosen out of whomever competes.
Note: you must not already have a premium rank to qualify.

The event will close on 01/12 Sunday @ 11:59 pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.

May the luckiest person win!